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Top-notch service should simultaneously satisfy the goals and desires of users and partners. And we invariably stick to this rule in our work.

Moodby allows members of the music industry to sell their skills and creations, institutions to provide high quality background music at low cost and even to earn money from providing this service, and visitors to easily call up their favorite music directly at the places they visit.

Background music is played in almost every single café, restaurant, bar, business center, fitness club, as well as in many other public places. But providing background music doesn’t come cheap, takes up time and sometimes requires an additional staff member.
Moodby fixes all of these issues once and for all! We brought together people in the music industry, including DJs, musicians, playlist creators, and B2B music providers. By using moodby, they can create musical channels for the venues and monetize their professional skills. The establishments get background music of a guaranteed high quality without needing to hire new staff in just a few minutes. As for the visitors, they enjoy good music that is aligned with the tone of the venue. Moreover, they can call up their favorite songs with just a few taps in the mobile app. This provides an additional income channel for public places, and it is also a service that visitors to these places desire.

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The viplay company was established in 2019 in Cyprus. From the very beginning, we have focused on implementing cutting edge business models and technologies in the background music business field. We are currently developing several applications and technical solutions for this large market that is still rapidly growing.

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